My fairy tale.
Three months ago today I married my very best friend & I haven't really had the chance to stop and talk about it. 

Seeing as though I've know him four years, were engaged for almost 10 months, and have been married 3 months, chances are you're totally sick of me reminding you and you are totally sick of hearing more about us. But, seriously, three months ago ... I lived the fairy tale dream I had dreamed since the day I fell in love with Jacob.

I've never been the girl with the "dream wedding" ideas my whole life. I had no idea what a 'wedding' really entailed. The fairy tale I'd been dreaming of my whole life was promising myself to a man with God, my parents, my brother, my family as my witnesses. My fairy tale was speaking those vows I'd heard my whole life and meaning each word.
Logistics of the whole thing? Yes, things went wrong. We never really told our ushers what to do before people started arriving. At one point I had like 20 people in the bridal room. When my families showed up to the reception, there weren't any tables reserved for them. It was hotter than hell in the ballroom of our reception. Thanks to Cory I had shoes to wear!!

But it was the absolute most perfect day.

The family and friends that were there made it absolutely wonderful. The bridesmaids, flower girls, groomsmen and ring bearer were the best sidekicks we could have had. We were overwhelmed with a type of love I'd never felt before. I was beside myself excited on the alter. People have told me I bounced up and down when our pastor announced us "Mr. & Mrs." I was the happiest bride ever at the reception & it warmed my heart to see Jake be so excited and celebrating with his dearest friends. Lots of screaming, dancing, jumping, skipping, running. Jake & I tried so hard to walk around to the tables, thanking everyone for coming and making sure we hugged everyone. With a 182 people, it was a little difficult. I know for a fact we didn't get to everyone. It went by so fast.
One of the coolest moments? When SHOUT! came on, it seems as though the dance floor was more packed then than it had been the whole night. And somehow, throughout the intro of the sounds, all of our family and friends had made Jake & I the center of a circle. I just can't describe to you what that was like. Each individual meaning so much to us ... all in one circle. I'll remember that moment forever. Thanks to all of you who were part of that!
Through the God's love and the love and support of our family & friends, we are going through life's stepping stones together. Forever. He's my person. He knows me better than anyone on this earth, including myself. He loves me when I'm mean, hormonal, in pain, sick. He loves me when I'm happy, crazy, loud, talkative. He's patient. He's funny. He's gentle. He's kind. He's my husband. 

From the bottom of my heart .... thank you. Thank you so much for making my fairy tale and our wedding day perfect. It was wonderful.