TOTE-ally difficult decision.

I'm having this dilemma. I'm currently in the market for a tote. Yes, I'm about to blog about my choosing of a tote bag. Don't laugh too hard! I've seriously been doing some research and am in desperate need of some input. Up until this point, I've always had my handy dandy Jansport backpack to carrying around. Time to move on. (Now, when I say "in the market" I mean ... I'm looking and ready to start budgeting. I can't just spontaneously spend money. It's always thought out. It's a problem, I know.) 

Now that I'm finally planning my life after college, one of the purchases I want to make is a really nice, long lasting, super durable tote. For example, when going to work ... I'm going to want a tote to put my lunch, computer (in its sleeve), wallet, etc. all in one place. And when I have to dress up each day, wear the slacks, heels, make-up, all that .. I want my bag to only assist in the outfit. Plus, I LOVE big bags. And I love even MORE cute big bags. Which is why this is so difficult ... so I thought I would share and hopefully seek some input from you!

Of course, my instinct is to just go Vera. I'm gone Vera my whole money-having-ready-to-spend life. She's never let me down. For example, I bought this computer case back in July of 2009 for the Dell I currently have. I have used it SO much, taken it SO many places, and it's still in tip top condition. (This is her print she uses as a fund raiser for breast cancer. She doesn't sell my print anymore.)

That being said, if I were to choose Vera, I would get the original "Vera" tote. However, this comes at a risk of Jake (the husband) calling me a grandma ... he's never really been into the whole floral thing. Another negative would be keeping it clean. I'm OBSESSIVE about my computer case staying clean and I'm afraid I'd face the same challenges since Vera definitely means cotton. But I just love Vera. Grandma or not ... it's adorable.
cinda b.

Option #2? cinda b. I've ALWAYS loved cinda b. I discovered her through SELF magazine. I've gone to retailers to see her stuff. It's SO durable and seems really reliable. Going back to the whole spontaneous spending thing ... I'm still thinking about it. It's cute. Affordable. What do you think? Have you ever had a cinda b before? 

Some of you may be thinking about Michael (Kors ... we're on a first name basis). I'm not in love with his totes. The straps are too thin and I'm just not feeling it. If I could put some of purse's straps on what he considers his best tote ... then I'd be all over it. I do want to say though: his wallet is the BEST wallet I've ever had. Seriously. 

I've also been looking through the thirty-one catalog. The BRIDE bag my mom got me for my wedding is AMAZING. It's their simple tote, no zip, pockets all around. Getting one from thirty-one would support a company who works through God's strength and encourages others to do the same. This is the tote I'd be interested in - I'd definitely get the solid black one. Maybe even with black monogrammed  ... feel a little incognito. 

I guess what I'm getting at is what is YOUR go to bag? What brands are YOU loyal to? I'm okay with spending more, if it's good quality that I know will last. Anything you'll NEVER buy again? Help a girl out!
Sending warmth, love, and happiness your way! Have a FANTASTIC week ahead!


Colossians 2:2-4

King James Version (KJV)
That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; In whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. And this I say, lest any man should beguile you with enticing words.