True Believers.

While listening to Pandora yesterday, I heard this song and had to look it up! It's called "True Believers" by Darius Rucker. Have you heard it?

Once I got home, I looked up the lyrics that stuck out to me and wanted to share. His main chorus in this song is:

"We are one heartbeat in the darkness,
We are one lasting answered prayer,
We are one unbroken promise, 
&& we are two, True Believers."

Everyone relates sayings, quotes, phrases to them in different ways. I look at it from a newlywed's eyes. We are getting started, BIG things are happening right now that we've never experienced before. Our parents have supported us day after day and have made this possible. Our answered prayers of having things fall into place and having this new life begin is here and we are so open to receiving it! Our faith is positive and forward driven ... and we are so excited!

We believe. Truly believe in the promise we made to each other. In the faith we have. In the future of which we aren't 100% sure. We believe.

"We are one before our God in Heaven,
We are one when the going gets rough,
We are one now and forever,
We are one name, one life, one faith."

Keep the faith. Believe!