Aaaah! Having time to sit down and blog. Finally! These past few weeks have consisted of a whirlwind of events & I wouldn’t have changed a thing, but snuggled up on the couch is exactly where I want to be right now!

It is so nice to finally be home. Y’all know I’ve wanted this for so long. You’ve seen all of the posts these past few months! The sappy, sobby posts, the countdown until move-in day, the confessions of the bags of potato chips consumed, and the constant reminder of how much I missed my better half. Thanks for sticking through it with me. I knew I’d eventually find myself apologizing for it … so here it is: sorry! Really.

I got home on December 8th and it took us so long to unpack and organize this place! WE HAVE (had) SO MUCH CRAP. It’s unreal. I think all together we’ve donated close to 20 bags of clothes & household stuff, and then have thrown out the just plain useless stuff we’ve been accumulating over the years. Everything else that can’t fit in here, is stacked amongst the free space in my parent’s house! So grateful for our family’s support through this whole process. We really couldn’t have done it without them!

I NEVER thought getting settled would take as long as it did … but I guess the transition of TWO individuals into ONE family is the hardest one. Now it’s just OUR stuff from here on out. As of Sunday, we can finally wake up in our organized bedroom and not have to conquer a to-do that consists of clearing out this box or that corner of the apartment and we LOVE IT! Thank goodness.

Since being here we’ve purchased our first full bedroom set and our first dining table & hutch set! It’s been SO fun. I will admit to being stressed & crazy at times, but all-in-all the decision making and talking through the little things has undoubtedly been the best part of moving in together. My husband is a saint (as my Momma says) to deal with my crazy self and I love him for it. This apartment is perfect for us. And where we are is home now. We are going to take this year we have here and get to know Houston a little bit better and see where we want to go next. I just have a feeling that what’s in store for us will be surprising, exciting, unexpected, and wonderful. Can’t wait to see where this new journey takes us.

Now comes the fun part! I’m in the process of finding curtains, rugs, wall décor, frames, etc. Our walls are still bare, but I’m SO enjoying taking it step by step, wall by wall and not rushing it! I’ve been to Bed, Bath, and Beyond so many times recently that this weekend I walked in and the lady said “Oh, you’re the June bride right? Hannah?”. Oh Lord!

We’ve made some wonderful memories here already! Christmas morning Jake’s parents, Jake’s grandmother, his brother, my parents and my brother all joined us for breakfast and Christmas celebrations. It was perfect. All 9 of us were all seated at our dining table and Jake said his first “man of the house” blessing. Absolutely a God moment for us. We are so thankful for His blessings.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season and that this year comes to a peaceful and joyful close as we all prepare to welcome 2013. Sending love & hugs to all of you!

Until next time!