Attempting Health(ier) Living.

Hey y'all ...

These first few days of work have been kinda slow. In the accounting world, corporate in specific, we 'close' each month which normally takes about 9-10 workdays to fully complete the cycle. Being that it's only January 9th, they had Jan 1st off, and there was a weekend ... the accountants surrounding me are still in 'close mode' ... which around here means: DO NOT DISTURB. It's something I knew going in, but it's been wonderful getting my surroundings & meeting everyone. I'm lucky to already have relationships with most people from this summer, but there has been some movement up & around, so I've been seeing some new faces as well! I'm SO looking forward to working with them and beginning my training ... which should begin Monday morning!

SO - needless to say I've had some down time. Googling, updating my calendar, & online shopping - the dreaming kind, unfortunately - of pretty much everything: clothes, shoes, houses, home decor. You name it, I've been lookin'. :) I've also been researching further the health-kick I've been on for a while and have continued to learn bits & pieces of living a little healthier life than in the past. Thought I'd share!

Disclosure: I'm talking mainly about the way Jake & I grocery shop, eating at home together. When I eat out and something looks delicous, I rarely hold back based on diet. Come on people ... I'm not THAT intense. ;)

You know I have some health issues, so one major way I've tried to kick that in the butt is by easing up my diet a bit to make my body happier. For the months while we were apart Jake & I talked about starting the Paleo diet once we moved in together. I was so excited. So we started it ... but after a few days in ... that was WAY too crazy for me. It needs some sort of basic carb in there to get me through the day. I seriously shut down by 2pm each day. That just wasn't working for me.

So we kinda live the Paleo life - with some adjustments. With the exception of oats, sprinkles of cheese, & sweet potatoes, we now live a carb free life at home. Another adjustment we made is that we still keep yogurt in our house for parfaits and Jake puts it in our smoothies sometimes. Other than that, we follow a fresh, what I consider healthy life style.

On a typical grocery shop, we follow something like this:

·         TONS of stuff in produce:
o    Bananas
o    Green Stuff: Lettuce, Spinach, Kale, etc.
o    Berries: blueberries, strawberries, blackberries
o    Mushrooms
o    Whatever else is in season - which recently has been pineapple & pomegranates. Coming up now is grapefruit season! Woooo!
o    Occasionally - sweet potatoes
·         Meat Section:
o    LOVE ground turkey
o    Chicken
o    Fresh from the Deli: Salmon, Lobster, etc.
o    Red meat for special occasions (or for Jake's bro time with the guys)
·         Eggs, Eggs, Eggs. Always get them so that they're always at the house.
·         Butter: the organic unsalted butter is our favorite!
For the most part we stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. I read this suggestion in a blog one time and have stuck with it. When you avoid the aisles (EXCEPT FOR THE WINE!), you hit the main points of the grocery store – the fresh stuff. LOVE that rule & LOVE sticking to it.
One thing I was concerned about was the cost of all of the fresh, sometimes organic food. I’m telling you that we’ve kept our grocery bill (food only) under $100 with this style several times. Promise! It DOES become costly when smoothies are in play. While I’m still terrified of our Ninja (seriously, that thing can chop up humans), Jake makes us smoothies sometimes. To make it flavorful he’ll put in pretty much all of our fresh fruits and a bit of yogurt and blends it all up. This add$ up because I love having fresh fruit to snack on, so I’ll have to restock it afterwards. NOT complaining – but I won’t say that smoothie making for two is cheap.
Another health issue thing I’ve been fighting is this fluid retention thing. My fingers & feet get so swollen sometimes. It’s SO frustrating! SO among all of this health talk and research, I’ve increased my WATER consumption HUGE and have decreased my salt intake (or try to notice my salt intake). Water, mixed with fresh fruits, have helped with my hands/feet hurting and being so swollen all the time.
Anyway … who knows what’s the right or wrong way. This is just the way that we follow and it seems to work for us. Everyone’s body is different and we all respond to things in totally different ways. It’s fun to change it up every once in a while, but for the most part we’ve stuck to this our first month of living together and we don’t plan on changing anytime soon!
It feels good to eat good! :)
I’m always open to suggestions and am always reading up on it. If you have anything to add (or something I’ve missed the ball on) – let me know! I love to learn about this stuff.
Guess I should get back to “work”. :D
Until next time,