Happy New Year. Here we go!

Happy New Year! First blog post of 2013 ... where has the time gone? 

Woke up feeling so very blessed and grateful for the life we have and want to talk about it … shocker! ;)

Jake went back to work yesterday, so we are slowly getting into the routine we initially had when I moved home of the 6:15 alarm, coffee, eggs, morning chit-chats, and seeing him out the door by 7:30! I am SO very grateful for the time he had off so that we could spend these last few weeks together. We’ve been able to get our apartment functioning & livable, have however many lazy days we’ve wanted, seen our family & friends, and just be. Yes, they have absolutely flown by … but we did a good job of taking it day by day. Thankful.

I start work on MONDAY! Gah! I’m so very excited. I’m not going to lie, since finals weeks I have had NO sense of routine at all! Who am I?! There have been days I haven’t gotten out of my PJ’s … at all. OMG. It’s going to be nice having a routine again … but I probably won’t be saying that for long. Ha! I ‘report’ Monday at 8:30 for my first day to-dos and will go from there! I’ll be working under the same manager I did this summer. Which means I’ll be doing production & revenue accounting for the Permian Basin. Scarryy. I’m sure I’ll be fine. Just feeling the anxiousness that comes with this new journey I’m starting.

Lake Livingston.

Jake & I decided to take a little getaway this weekend to Lake Livingston! We'll leave tomorrow & get back on Sunday. It’ll be so nice to get out of the house for a few days before Monday quickly arrives. We rented a little lake house by the water! I’m SO excited. He claims he’s taking the boat out when the high for the day is 58. I’m not too sure I’ll be joining him … being wrapped up in a blanket, coffee (or hot cocoa) in hand, reading on the porch sounds much more appealing. But who knows … maybe I’ll be feeling adventurous. I'll let you know how that goes. ;)

I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year! Can you believe it’s already here?! We brought in the new year Jake & Hannah style .. on the couch, in comfy clothes. Ha! Not even joking. We were in bed by 12:15. It was just perfect. We had some friends over to watch the LSU football game (eh), hung out here at the apartment, watched the NYC ball drop and that was the night! We had been in Dallas the night before for our dear family friend's wedding .. && let's just say that was our New Year's Eve! 

This whole resolution thing always gets me. I’ve thought a lot about what the new year will bring, what we’ll endure, and preparing for what we’re not expecting (if that’s even possible). As I’ve told several family and friends … 2012 was such a big year for Jake and I with graduation, getting jobs, working, getting MARRIED, our wonderful honeymoon, moving in together … we took care of all of that over one year! Trying to get it all out of the way I guess! Ha!

It’s going to be nice taking 2013 day by day and just LIVING. That’s my resolution. To LIVE. Letting go. Being still. Soaking up the life I have. Counting my blessings daily. Be open to what comes our way.

Have you decided your resolution(s) yet?? It’s tough. Take your time!

Keep me updated on YOU! Send a message my way! Sending love & hugs.

Until next time,