I'd love to blog about ...

Oh man. I've been laying low in the blogging world. There's so much I'd love to blog about.

I'd love to blog about how over these past three months I've been learning to live each day for itself. I say learning because I'm still a work in progress. To not worry so much about what's to come ... to just be happy with the NOW. So what if what you thought was going to happen doesn't?

I'd love to blog about how happy I am at work. How I'm finally able to see result of my bookings, entries, analytics, etc. How my job is stress-free 9 times out of 10. How I'm finally feeling more comfortable walking the halls talking to various co-workers in the offices along the way.

I'd love to blog about our family that surrounds us. How being around them normally again is one of the biggest blessings in my life that I missed so much while we were at school.

I'd love to blog about how my brother is growing up right before my eyes. How he will forever be my BABY brother. How I'm so excited about his future and can't wait to watch him continue to grow.

I'd love to blog about the ache I feel each day for those suffering in my family right now. Some family members close by, some very very far away. My prayers and thoughts go to them daily, hourly.

I'd love to blog about how I'm working out again. How I'm breaking sweats, pushing myself, having alone time on the treadmill. How I feel as happy and as "Hannah" as I have in a long time because of it.

I'd love to blog about how fantastic of a husband I have. How he's my partner through everything. How there's not a decision that goes by that's not shared and talked about. How I wake up and go to sleep with a smile on my face. How I can't imagine my life without him.

But instead, I'm going to take advantage of this BEAUTIFUL weather and take my puppy for a walk. :)


P.S. I LIVE for interaction with you amazing people in my life. Keep the random smiles, texts, messages, e-mails, and cards coming. They mean more than you know! I love receiving them as much as I love sending them.