Our Good Samaritans.

Up until last night, I had never taken the time to read the parable of the good Samaritan. I found myself saying "I'm so grateful for our good Samaritan," but couldn't support exactly what I was saying. Isn't that terrible? I'd heard and read sermons of the good Samaritans, but in my adult -able to remember life- I really needed a refresher on the subject.

In the book of Luke, we've all heard Chapter 10, verse 27 after an expert of the law questions Jesus on how to inherit eternal life. Jesus responds - "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all you rmind, and Love your neighbor as yourself."

It doesn't stop there. After Jesus' response, the expert of the law asks "and who is my neighbor?" Jesus then went to tell the expert the story of man who had been beaten and attacked by robbers and left for dead. A priest and a Levite passed him by, offering no help. It wasn't until the Samaritan saw him, that he received help. The Samaritan banaged his wounds and took care of him unti he was well.

The expert of the law learned that it was the one who had mercy on the wounded who was his neighbor.
- -
Yesterday Jake & I were shopping at Sam's club. We went in for one thing and walked out with 1,000 things ... typical. Once we got to our car Jake realized he set his phone down when  he was slipping on a bathing suit and hadn't picked it up. He ran back into the store and saw that his phone had been picked up/stolen and went straight to customer service: it hadn't been turned in. So, we began calling it obnoxiously.

After 8 calls to his phone a lady answered who could not speak English. Telling her "no hablo espanol" didn't get us anywhere ... so I went up to each Sam's employee asking if they spoke Spanish. Thankfully I found Mig. Mig spoke to this lady who claimed to be "Los Angeles" and was on her way to Ross to shop and WE were going to have to go to HER get our phone back. (Umm ... what?)

I was super skeptical of this whole set up in general, but Jake was driven and determined (and frankly thought I was nuts to be so paranoid). We arrived at Ross and Jake had her paged to customer service while I stayed out in the parking lot. (You should have seen the look on the customer service people's face ... "You want us to do what?") Of course, she did not approach: no Los Angeles in site.

I even texted our friends, Carlos & Audrey who spoke spanish and had them text me "Bring the phone to custoemr service" in spanish and I texted Jake's phone. (Don't laugh too hard, I thought it was clever at the time.)

We began to circle the parking lot and I kept calling it. Finally the Bluetooth in our cute little Prius picked up an incoming call as if I was calling Jake. By that we knew the phone was in our immidiate vicinity. At that point, I got really nervous and called a cop over to help be the enforcer. The second he (Mr. Cop) pulled into the parking lot one of the cars around us left and the signal to his phone was lost. Argh.

Mr. Cop was really nice but his hands were just as tied as ours. We left Ross bumbed and we had lost our faith. I called Sprint and shut his phone off.

Literally seconds after I hung up with Sprint, I got a random phone called from a local Sprint store. Turns out an English-speaking older lady had brought Jake's phone to him (in the Marque Center - we started at Beltway & I-10 (Sam's), went to I-10 and Blaylock (Ross), and now the Marque Center). She found the phone on the running board/step of her car RANDOMLY and brought it to the closest Sprint store she could find. Still not sure where she was when this happened.

Whew. So relieved. Mr. Sprint Store man stayed late so that we could get there to pick up Jake's phone and all was well.

Each time, no matter the circumstances - whether it be as small as losing a phone or as big as job or life decisions - the second Jake & I begin to lose our faith, God somehow restores us and slaps us in the face.
- -
Knowing the story of the Good Samaritan now, I really truly am grateful for ours throughout the city of Houston that helped us: Mig at Sam's and Ms. Unidentified. We should always keep the faith in the neighbors around us even when the evil priests and the Levites surround us daily.

I still do believe that there was something good in the lady that took Jake's phone. Something inside her lead her to answer the phone and lead her to dropping it off ... maybe even hoping that someone else would take care of it. But still, she caused us one hell of an unpredictable afternoon.

"Love your neighbors as you love yourself." <3 I love to learn, and from this I've learned and have been reminded to be a Good Samaritan when I am called to be.