Grateful Challenge: Day 1

Grateful Challenge: Day 1

Hopefully reading this post won't take longer than this song!

I know, I know. Someone else who's been challenged to do something via social media. I've been watching this challenge grow throughout my newsfeed and have so enjoyed the posts, so thought I would participate as well. I try very hard to recognize my blessings each day and while you might be tired of me saying how grateful I am for certain things, I hope you know I really mean it - so this challenge will be me talking about it a little more frequently. :) Shannon - I'm GRATEFUL you challenged me! Hope you enjoy my attempt at being as good as you are at this task.

#1: I'll go ahead and get this one out of the way, since he's probably one the greatest blessings in my life to date: my husband, Jake Endresen. There's not a day that goes by that I'm not reminded or given yet another reason to believe why you are in my life. Everyone has their person - whether it be a best friend, parent, sibling, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend - who they can tackle the world with, and you're mine.

To say I'm grateful for you seems so lame, but it's true.

#2: Music. Music is a universal language - it comes in all different forms. Personally, some forms appeal to me more than others - Zac Brown Band - but it always has a way of making me smile. Music has been in my life since day one - though I have heard rumors that Momma started singing to me even before day 1. It will forever be a part of me. Whether it's hymns in church that flood in memories of my Mom's parents, Grandmom & Grandaddy - each hand holding one of theirs while Grandmom's other hand was holding our hymnal. Or Persian music - being in my parent's master bedroom in our Houston home, jumping up and down on the bed to the famous violinist I grew up to - Bijjan. Or if it's Brad Paisley's 'Then' - when Jake heard it for the first time, he was driving back to Jacksonville - he had JUST asked me to be his girlfriend - he called me right after and told me I had to hear this song and that he hoped I had a good week. I could KEEP GOING FOR HOURS with what music has brought me, but I'll stop. I'm grateful for music.

#3: Social Media. Yep, I said it ... And I bet you're not surprised. For me, social media is communication and I LOVE communication. No, I don't post the hard stuff ... the drama ... the real life stuff - but I post my happiness and I especially love when you post yours. Social media to me is news - I see headlines, people's comments on those headlines, interaction about our world. Social media to me is updates on people I normally wouldn't stop to take the time to contact. It's my Aunts, Uncles, First Cousins that I've never met that can 'meet' the happy me from afar. Social media is the people I've met through stepping stones in my life that I don't have to lose contact with! Do I post a lot? Yeah. But I like that I can share stuff with you! I'm a social butterfly - just the way my momma raised me to be. The good thing about it is that I can get rid of you and you can get rid of me - so we all see what we want to see and take what we want to take from social media.

First day's done. :) How was it? Was it too long? I'm looking forward to building my list of grateful things - it's fun! I've smiled the whole time typing this.

Sending hugs all over the world. <3