Grateful Challenge: Day 2

Grateful Challenge: Day 2

Continuing the love for music ... here's another song I enjoy.

It's FRIDAY! I'm not exactly sure where this week has gone - we got home Sunday night from Atlanta, we hit the ground running and haven't stopped - but wait, don't I feel like this every week? I took the day off Monday to catch up on life - you know, the fun stuff: unpacking, laundry, dry cleaners, groceries, meal prep, etc. SO glad I did that - because life caught up with me the second I walked in my office on Tuesday. Whew.

Jake started up his night shifts Monday night - he's surviving so far ... it wouldn't stress me out so much if he would sleep more than 4+ hours during the day though ...

Heidi had her ovariohysterectomy as the vet calls it (I think?) - it's much easier when you say "baby making ability" since that's what we were really going for. I really don't know how my parents sat in the waiting room during all of my surgeries without going insane. I could barely handle Heidi going through this "routine procedure" ...

We are watching Jackson this weekend! :) Expect posts of playing at the park, soccer games, && pumpkin patches! I can't wait.

What to list today ...

#1: My Education. If I think back, my memory goes as far as sitting on some multi-colored rug by myself, my mom walking in through the door to pick me up early because I was FREAKING OUT over eating a staple - I guess that puts me at 3 or 4 years old - so, PreK? Since then, I'm beyond grateful for the education that's been provided to me. Though my 6+ years in Lafayette taught me WAY more than what the textbook ever will - i.e. when the school is performing a drug search, wear your backpack IN FRONT of you so the person behind you doesn't stuff his Ziploc bag of weed in it - packing up and moving me to Katy on faith was the best thing my parents ever did for me. Going through Taylor High School gave me the tools I needed to get my way through college - a semester early at that - and where I am today: employed. To the teachers that had patience with me when I initially failed after first moving to Katy, to the professor that sat me down to talk real life v. textbook world - I am grateful for what my education has brought me. And I'm SO not even close to my education being complete.

#2: My job. From 6:30a-4p, 4 or 5 days a week, I am an accountant. I am constantly learning from others & I've got people fooled to think they can learn from me, too.  The job keeps me on my toes, keeps my brain always going, and let's me use the skills I've developed and continue to develop. It gives us health insurance. It let's us build a retirement fund, while having my company contribute, too. Plus I get free food every once in a while - we all know that's where the real importance is. I'm not one to seek the title - that's not where my success lies - but I do love that I have a job that I enjoy and for that - I am grateful for my job.

#3: My home. After utilizing my education and enjoying my job, I get to go home. Home for me is my husband and my puppies. Yes, we happen to own the walls surrounding us - well, technically the bank does - but that's not what makes it a home. Getting to talk to someone who cares about how my day went and being greeted my the happiest, most excited puppies in the world is something that I cherish, that I appreciate, and that I am so grateful for.

Sending hugs all over the world. <3