Grateful Challenge: Day 3

Grateful Challenge: Day 3

What a happy Saturday! It started with Jackson & I playing at the park with the puppies - acorn collecting, swinging, running, and much more. Then we played some soccer in the front - I'm pretty sure he gets his mad soccer skills from me ;) - mixed with some more puppy play time. Then Jake woke up - needless to say Jackson was super pumped.

Jackson rocked his soccer game. Was able to get a clip of one of his goals - Mammie, Grandma, Jake, and I were all there on the sideline - the game is way fun when the player you're there for is one of the leaders on the field!

Lunch was at Lupe Tortillas where we barely saw Jack while he played in the kids area - love us some beef fajita taco salads there. :)

Napped and had some quiet time when we got home - Jake's now working and Jackson & I are watching the LSU game! GEAUX TIGERS.

SEE! It was a good day. And for that - I am grateful.

#1: Today especially, I am grateful for Jackson. I've never been good at putting in words what people mean to me - so I probably shouldn't even try. From the day I met Jake, Jackson has always been in the picture. I met Jake in October 2008, Jackson was born in January 2009 - I got the pleasure of meeting him the day he was born - and in February 2009 Jake finally asked me to be his girlfriend. It has been a true blessing to watch Jake & Jackson grow up together. They seriously have such a special bond - it's indescribable. So looking forward to watching him grow up even more.

Me & Jackson: January 21, 2009.

#2: If I talk about my brother-in-law, I have to talk about my brother - who I'm incredibly grateful for. I always love the story - I don't remember this at all - about the day my parents brought my brother home for the first time. Apparently I had a bag packed and was leaving - to go somewhere away from where he was. (WHAT?!) Needless to say, I've gotten over it and have completely changed my views about him, ha. It's been a fun ride growing up - we got through the few moves, school changes, life occurrences  together - now we're both out of the house and building our separate lives. He's at UH being a rock star, but still calls/texts to say hi. :) I love you, Kevin. BIG, BIG like the sky. & I'm so grateful for you.

Sitting with me during my second kidney stone, ER visit.

#3: Undoubtedly, I am grateful for the presence for our guardian angels. We honestly feel their presence in our lives daily. Jake's constantly telling me more stories about Jacque when certain things trigger his memory. I'm fortunate to hear stories about my uncle through my Mom's stories often. In 2014 we've lost two more family members this year, each instrumental in the purpose and drive of our families: Ninny in January and Poppie in March. 15 years ago this month I lost my Grandaddy - my mom has always told me, the older she gets the more her elders mean to her ... and I totally get that now. Heaven's one lucky place. Always & forever.

Sending hugs all over the world! <3