Grateful Challenge: Day 4

Grateful Challenge: Day 4

Ah! The feeling of another day being complete - especially today! Today went in the opposite direction of how I intended it to, but it ended perfectly with my parents, Jake, & me at our dining table catching up on life. <3 So I really can't complain!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Sunday!

#1: My parents. Bet you didn't see that coming after the introduction. ;) They are phenomenal. How do I sum up twenty four years and eight days? I learn something new from them each time I'm around them. Tonight I learned to always make sure your heart is open - to help those when they need it with a loving and understanding soul. The millions of others lessons I've learned are absolutely stored forever in my heart and I seek those often. I have no shame in admitting to always being a "Daddy's girl" and I have no shame going to my Momma when I'm in need. I love y'all, BIG like the sky. I'm forever grateful for you.

Happy 80th Birthday, Ninny!

#2: My puppies. Don't roll your eyes - I know I talk about them all the time. I NEVER imagined I'd be this much of a dog person - mercy! They light up my day and love me unconditionally. Been a rough few days guiding Heidi through her womanhood surgery ... and now Jessie seems to have a bladder infection. :( Looking forward to my puppies being back at 100% - until then, I don't mind the extra snuggles they need!

#3: My kitchen. Mom - I know you just read those two words and are like -- what?! Yes, I admit it. Following recipes in the kitchen has become somewhat of a soothing thing for me. Today it was chicken nuggets and a chicken & broccoli Chinese meal. MAKING a Chinese meal is A HUGE step for me - I'll normally order the MSG loaded take out from China Wall. My kitchen can drive me NUTS when it's filthy, but makes me smile when the dishes are done and the meal tastes good!

Sending hugs all over the world! <3