Grateful Challenge: Day 5

Grateful Challenge: Day 5

Was jammin' out to Maroon 5 today - here's "Maps" if you'd like to, too.

Guess what?! Monday has come and gone and we survived. :)

Today I got to experience something pretty cool - in the Indian culture today starts a 4-day festival of celebrating the good overcoming the evil - a celebration of happiness. The holiday is called Diwali - I Wikapedia-ed it - here's the link if you'd like to as well. We have a very heavy Indian culture on our project team, so all of those who celebrate this time cooked their Indian food for us. We feasted over Hindu music and stories about their childhood memories celebrating the festival. It was awesome! And REALLY hard to get back to work afterwards.

Jake took Jessie to the vet today only to get confirmation that she has a bladder infection. :( Heidi got off of her pain meds yesterday and Jessie starts her antibiotics tonight! These puppies have been quite expensive this month - but they're totally worth it. Not complaining!

I hope this finds you all doing well! Anything exciting happen? Anything new? Please share!

#1: My neighbors. Fate was definitely over us finding this house. It has brought us nothing but happiness since moving in in November. Today, I arrived to a street FULL of kids riding bikes, parents chatting in driveways, dogs running all over, and I couldn't help but I smile. I'm well aware that most couples who don't have kids don't find join in stuff like this - but Jake & I do. We love to watch all of the interactions of street unfold. It's so sweet! We are the only young couple with kids though - so we're always like, want our dogs to play with your kids?! Ha.

#2: Houston weather. Today's weather after work was absolutely WONDERFUL. The lingering clouds made it a little gloomy, but it was 75 and perfect. I LOVE our hot summers - I wouldn't live in this city if I didn't - but the break from the heat into these cooler temperatures is quite nice. Could it be time for the scarves and boots? Maybe it's almost Red Cup Season at Starbucks!

#3: Home Decor Websites. As we start to make upgrades around the house - I'm realizing I have to actually decorate this place once the big projects are done. I have never been more grateful for Houzz && Pinterest. They are feeding my brain little ideas here and there. Hopefully those ideas will land me some decisions. (I'm really not the best at decisions.) If y'all see any good sales, make sure and keep me updated! The girl is interested! Thank goodness for Columbus day - that brought me 25% off of A LOT of goodies. Woo!

Sending hugs all over the world! <3