Grateful Challenge: Day 6

Grateful Challenge: Day 6

Well, a little before 8:30 last night I had already popped some Tylenol, chugged some water, and crawled in bed. Needless to say, I missed my blog post and I woke up feeling a bit guilty. My bad, peeps. <3

#1: My girlfriends. I just love y'all - every trait about each of you. Thank you for our group dinners, for our parties ... thank you for loving me and for putting up with me. Our memories speak for themselves, just wanted to give a little shout out. <3

#2: My family. So CLEARLY we don't take enough pictures together - it was a challenge just finding these! We might be small, but we are strong, sometimes dysfunctional, & always smiling at the end of the day. Grateful for each & every one of you - even the ones I don't have pictures with!

#3: Endresen Family.  Regardless if your last name is actually Endresen  - if you came along with me marrying Jake, you know who I'm talking about. :) I'd always wondered what it's like to have a larger family and I know now. Grateful y'all have taken me in and make me feel like family. Thank you all for the memories thus far and those we'll continue to make. Sending hugs all over the country!

Sending hugs all over the world! <3