Two Quotes.

This afternoon - once Jake got in his deer stand - he texted me: "I can't get these two quotes out of my head. 1) "What would make me feel better is a Maserati!" 2) "So, you going to buy the BMW?"

Those are two quotes said by Papa - Jake's great-grandfather. You've heard us talk about Noni - this is her father. The first one back in September when Noni was asking him which pills he thought made him feel better - ha! Jake was out in California for his annual fishing trip. I flew out there to meet him and we stayed the weekend with Noni & Grandpa, making sure to see Meme & Papa while we were there. They had just moved out of their house, into a senior living home.

And the second was just 14 days ago tonight, when we were in California visiting him & Meme. We (really just Jake - I stayed passenger) had gotten the chance to drive his BMW - 600 series, coupe, sports car - around California while we were visiting. When Jake was sitting by his bed, Papa kept revisiting the fact that Jake had driven his BMW and continuously kept asking if Jake was going to by it. The more he asked, the broader the smiles, and longer the laughter. It was so, so perfect. I was able to snag a picture of Jake hugging Papa bye as we were leaving.

This week, we received news that Papa has passed away. He was 94 years old.

I've gotten the chance to be around Meme & Papa maybe 5-10 times since I've known the family. Each time I've come home realizing two things: 1) Just how much a man can adore his wife. Meme & Papa have been married 73 years. I'll never forget the moment at Meme's 90th birthday dinner - he got so choked up saying "I just love her." and 2) Just how much Jake looks up to his grandparents and great-grandparents for guidance and example. Jake will admit that he didn't have the closest relationship with Papa, but to hear him talk about Papa - you can hear the admiration in his voice. Jake has always been so inspired by Papa's drive - pun intended! - to pursue his own business in the trucking industry. That was also a topic of our last visit there two week ago. Papa purchased his first truck with his Daddy for $850 and "that's how it started" he told us.

It's AMAZING how slow life seems in certain moments like those - when we were sitting in his room two weeks ago hearing stories from Papa about his past ... and also how FAST life seems in certain moments - like when we got the news on Wednesday.

This will be our 3rd funeral - my 4th - to attend together for family members in 13 months. All I can say is - take the time to have conversation. Life tends to go a million miles an hour these days, but Jake & I have said almost 20 times how grateful we are that we stopped life and a flew to California two weeks ago while Papa was still here with us. It was a gut feeling and we went with it.

Here's a "throwback" for you I have from Noni:

Sending hugs all over the world!