Callin' Baton Rouge.

Words can't even express how much I am looking forward to this week with Jake. Even though we are finally back to the life when I get to see him everyday, being able to get away and re-charge before returning back to reality is such a blessing! It's going to be a great week. 

Memories from Day 1:

* Not even 20 minutes into the road trip, a state trooper nailed Jake going 80mph ... in a 60mph zone. Can't wait to see that bill! Does that come out of our trip budget?!

* Stopped @ our normal Garth Rd. Starbucks in Baytown - Exit 792. While waiting inside for our drinks, we watched a guy park next to us, get out of his driver's side, walk over to the passenger side, open the passenger door ... & give my Honda its first ding - really?! Side note: Jake almost lost his shit.

* We stopped at St. Elizabeth's hospital in Beaumont to meet sweet Graham for the first time! What a blessing he is. He is just so perfect. Every now and then - if I talked too loud - he would streeetch his arms and legs out, and make a pouty face until I got softer. Katey is recovering and holding strong. Garrett is a total rockstar being Daddy! We are so grateful they were up for the visit. Already looking forward to the next one.

* Couldn't pass the Lupe Tortillas in Beaumont without splitting a Beef Fajita Taco Salad - we are addicts. Admitted. Accepted. 

* While stopping in Sulphur for gas, this red headed curly haired lady stopped and complimented my curls. I only find this note worthy because she talked about her hair for literally almost 2 minutes ... and let's face it, 2 minutes with a stranger in a Sulphur, LA rest stop felt like eternity. You just never know who you'll run into. 

* We made it to Baton Rouge! Hilton Head, SC bound tomorrow.