Old Friends are the Best Friends.

I guess we didn't realize how exhausting driving all day could be - it took quite a bit to get us out of bed this morning! We love our little condo we've rented for the week. It's cozy, quaint, and perfect for the two of us. VRBO gets another thumbs up from me! 

We are just getting home from today! We stopped by Kroger and stocked our fridge for the week. We always try to eat our own cooked food as much as possible when we are away - aside from the occasional splurge. We feel SO much better when we do. Boiled eggs for dinner for me! :) 

Continuously finding myself grateful for this time. I am blessed. 

Memories from Day 3:


WILL & his amazing girlfriend, Emily! What a wonderful afternoon spent catching up. So thankful for Jake & Will's friendship - it hasn't skipped a beat! The way life is, we haven't seen him since our wedding weekend and we hadn't ever met his girlfriend. We are grateful. Will recently got his Certified Flight Instructor license and is going to work towards more certifications and hours to becoming a commercial pilot. Emily has a year left of grad school at Clemson - she's getting her master's in healthcare communication! With those two professions - doesn't Houston seem like a great place for them?! ;)

We each drove about 2 hours and met in Augusta, GA - a precious little town along the Savannah River. While we were on the way to Augusta, Jake was giddy - he was so, so excited! He told me, 

"I almost want to Google 'What to do when you haven't seen your best friend in a long time.'"

So sweet! I haven't seen Jake that excited in a LONG time! Here's a picture of the highway we drove to Augusta!

Until next post!