We've arrived: Hilton Head Island.

My face hurts from smiling and my throat is sore from 12+ hours of karaoke along the drive. Today was a good day!

Today we added 2 more states to the list of states we have visited as a couple. Since 2009 we've been to CA, AZ, CO, NM, TX, OK, AR, LA, MS, AL, GA, FL (today), TN, & SC (today) together - then several out of state locations. We don't plan on slowing down! *It was super cool to write those out.*

Memories from Day 2:

* We stopped at the cutest Harley Davidson dealership while in Biloxi, MS! It had a front porch, shutters on the windows, and a tin roof. Got ourselves a koozie, some shirts and of course - some HD chips. 

* Can't drive along I-10 in Alabama and not take a picture of the tunnel in Mobile.

* We took the COOLEST detour down to Orange Beach, AL for lunch @ The Gulf. We shared a fried grouper sandwhich and the gulf burger. Y'all. Delicious. If glycemic index wasn't a thing - totally would have gone for round 2. Felt good to soak up some sun, too. 

* Continuing down I-10 towards Tallahassee, Jake saw a sign for a state park - so we exited to check it out. It's called the "Falling Waters State Park". Perfect break to walk around a bit. At this point we only had 6 hours to go!

* Quick stop in Tallahassee @ another HD dealership for a t-shirt & HD chips! And there happened to be a Starbucks along the same exit - Praise God! *Caramel Machiatto Please?!*

* By far, the best decision we made was cutting north at Tallahassee to take a more scenic highway than continue along I-10. It probably added about an hour to our drive, but we passed through the cutest towns, saw TONS of lumber yards - lines and lines of trees, little Georgia houses in the middle of their acreage

. Too cute. 

* One memory I really don't want to forget that we didn't capture: after the sun had set, we saw cop who had pulled over a guy on his riding lawn mower, driving in the dark, with a case of beer strapped ok the hood. We enjoyed the smile and laughter it brought! #DreamLife

I am so looking forward to the week ahead. If we do everything or if we do nothing, I'm going to love every second!