About three years ago, my first project implementation was coming to an end - unfortunately, we didn't make it through to implementation due to a plethora of issues that those of you in corporate projects can probably name off. The journey was an eye opener to me - I'd learned so much about data, so much about the full picture process(es), and networked with people in different departments outside of revenue - including I.T.

As the project came to a halt, I scheduled a meeting with my boss. To this day, she probably doesn't even remember this quick 30-minute block I marked on her calendar, but it was important to me. I explained to her that I had really developed a passion for data, utilizing it, and perfecting it to make the software better for the users. I expressed that I thought my skillset had grown and I didn't want to return to the 30-day accounting cycle ... I was ready for something else. I had researched different positions on Linked In, asked my incredible family friends that have become mentors, and realized the position I'd developed a desire for was a business analyst.

I read the job descriptions of different business analysts and figured out the resume I needed to build. Simply having the knowledge around a 30-day accounting cycle wasn't going to cut it. So, then I began ... and my desire for this position never ceased. I was fascinated the more I developed my skillsets that fell in the IT Support structure. 

I know that there are different ways of doing everything. I tried interviewing with a few companies, but:

  1. I am a TERRIBLE interviewer. Seriously. I'm great at my job; HORRIBLE at interviewing
  2. I just wasn't ready to leave Oxy. I might be one day, but through the personal life ups and downs these past few years of being pregnant with multiple doctors visits, taking 3+ month maternity leave, taking time off during Harvey - I needed that stability and familiarity of my work life. Plain and simple.

Fast forward through huge learning curves, through reading/researching/networking to gain knowledge of the analytics world, through my boss putting me in meetings to further my knowledge of IT Support and what was needed, and so much more to May of this year.

There are multiple segments of Oxy - my Revenue Accounting position put me under the “Oil & Gas” segment of Oxy. Essentially - we care about getting the products out of the ground and who owns the land that it's coming out of. There is another segment that handles the midstream and marketing side of things - once the products come out of the ground, it becomes a hot commodity that is marketed and sold multiple times until we finally relinquish rights ... usually once it hits a different continent ... we call this segment OEMI. 

Well, the OEMI department had a Business Analyst position available. It hadn’t be available two minutes before I scheduled a meeting with my boss to talk it through. I had a large amount of guilt come over me since we were right in the middle of a software replacement … and was so nervous talking through leaving the department for a totally new department and position. Yes, this is the corporate life and you can be replaced at anytime, BUT these were my people who I've grown to respect, so I take it seriously. All that I aside, I did it. I talked to her about leaving and she gave me her full support. That meant the world to me. 

The rest is history. Thankfully, this interview was MUCH easier because I had gotten to know people in OEMI through my time at Oxy and my work ethic spoke for itself. I didn't have to stumble through my words and try and figure out a way to tell them I’d be good at this, ha. And then 8 days later, I got the job offer. YAY! 

I consider myself so fortunate to have had the support to pursue this new dream. Even if it all ends tomorrow, I will be grateful for the journey that's gotten me here. I've studied many people's resumes that I look up to and I know this Business Analyst position gets me on a path I've been wanting to pursue for years ... I have very exciting dreams and goals now that I'd never thought I have. Yes, my dreams and goals could change - but, right now, I'm going for it. Day by day. This is a fresh start and I can't wait to see where it takes me. 

To anyone out there who’s establishing their career and getting an itch to pursue something different …. GO. FOR. IT. Figure out what needs to be done and DO. IT. Your journey will probably be much different than mine, but we both have to start at the same point: starting to make your dreams and desires a reality.