Dark Sweet Cherry Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie or Smoothie Bowl? That seems to be the question these days! If someone were to ask me, I’d say to start my day, I prefer smoothies to drink … I have my Ninja blender set up at work and usually have a smoothie for breakfast about two times a week. However, at night, sitting on the couch watching our countless episodes of ER, I love to pour it in a bowl, add some granola for sweetness, and pretend I’m eating ice cream!

In continuing to pass along my favorite recipes, I wanted to share this one we created! We were walking the aisles of Costco’s freezers (you sometimes never know what’s going to appear) and saw this HUGE bag of frozen dark sweet cherries. Unsure of how it would be, we brought it home, tried a few recipes, and found that a simple banana + almond milk mix up was all we needed … along with some protein powder. Jake prefers it with vanilla protein powder and I’ll always choose chocolate.

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1 c Frozen Cherries (Costco freezer!)

1 c Almond Milk

1 frozen Banana

2 Scoops Vanilla Protein (This one’s still our favorite!)

+ Sprinkle of my Favorite Red Mills Granola for smoothie bowls.

+ Fruit of Your Choice!

Excited to hear what y’all think!




Salt Lake City, Food Edition

Before heading to Salt Lake City, I tried to find some food review blogs of good eats in the city and couldn’t find many! So … here’s one for you future travelers.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This was my first time in Salt Lake - I know there are many more to try! Comment below to let me know what I missed!


Branching out from Starbucks on this trip was the best decision I made. I could have gone to a Starbucks and ordered the same drink I always do with the same “breakfast” sandwiches I always get and I would have known exactly how it would have tasted …. But I’m so glad I didn’t. Here’s the run down.

The Rose Establishment. Their menu is what keeps this place alive. I ordered the “Eggy Breakfast Bowl” and a cup of coffee fresh from the French Press. When you go, I’d plan on a brunch type appetite – but I’ve already read that their sandwiches are equally amazing. The Coffee was SO good and they served it to me in my own cup (y’all know I love my cups) – a little strong for my liking, but nothing some half/half couldn’t fix. The atmosphere was wonderful – it consisted of watching the chef(s) in the back rocking it, hearing dishes clank, hearing the laughter and conversation of the guests, and listening the music surrounded the ambiance. This place is a definite. It’s in an awesome part of town – if you can walk, I would. Parking is fishy.

Publik. Coffee Roasters. Yes, my placement of the period is correct. Words that come to mind: Hipster, Rustic, Plain with an Attitude, Austin, TX. You can totally tell the owner had a vision for this place and went with it. I ordered the gluten-free bread, with peanut butter, bananas, topped with honey paired with an espresso macchiato. I was VERY happy with both. Delicious. This place was absolutely thriving – the meeting rooms were full, the tables were filled, the baristas were on point. I don’t see myself wanting to go back – but I am SO glad I went. Its two levels – was bummed that the second floor had no view – only white brick walls – kind of prison-ish. So the first floor is where it’s at.

Millcreek Roasters. If you’re in the mood for coffee, but not brunch – this is a good place to go. Their food selection is quite limited, but the coffee was delicious. The atmosphere? Well, there’s more couches than tables – so maybe not ideal for catching up on e-mails, blogs, etc. One cool thing about this location was your ability to say this HUGE, industrial size coffee grinders and employees packaging the bags of coffee in the back. There’s no separation between the two – really open floor plan. The location isn’t as “fun” as the Rose Establishment, but still safe to walk to.


Of course my favorite part of the dinners were who we spent them with, BUT here’s a look into the other side of it.

The Proper Burger. THAT’S what you get here! And it’s WORTH IT. I cannot rave about the Rising Sum burger enough – it’s nothing I’d ever choose to put on a burger, but whoa. I’d love to re-create it and have Jake put some of his touches on it. The set-up is an order at the entrance type restaurant, then you can either stay and eat or walk your food over to the brewery section (which is what we did). We played skee-ball, shot pool, stood and chatted – to give you a feel for the atmosphere. I wasn’t a fan of the beer at the brewery, but the food was seriously delicious. I’d drive long distances to go here again. This is my favorite place of all and I have NO pictures - I was too engulfed in the food.

Whiskey Street. Whiskey. LOTS of whiskey options. How Will & Jake made a decision on one of them was impressive! I stuck with the Malbec - and there's was a little sweeter than most. I wish I had taken a picture of bar – such awesome set-up. I could see lots of girls nights, couple’s dates, bro nights happening here. Really cool place to be and feel social. I’d go if you’re in the mood for drinks and dim lighting.

Eva Small Plates. Quaint comes to mind. Another perfect place if you’re in the mood for dim lighting – but go hungry to this one (& you might need to make a reservation), because the food is delicious. I ordered Eva’s Steak off of the dinner menu. I wish I would have taken a picture – when it was served, I realized the steak was set over sliced potatoes! YUM. The atmosphere is calm, quiet – our table was the loudest bunch in there it felt. The plates & portions are small and the food is filling – I’d go for it if I were you.

The Rest. So – the face of the restaurant is called “Bogata” and when you get into the very small bar – you have to request dining downstairs. The hostess will then get her keys, unlock a random door and down you go to The Rest. You HAVE to go to this place because it’ll be nothing like you’ve ever experienced (at least nothing I’d ever experienced before). It’s weird, sketchy, dark, and their emphasis is on their cocktails. The appetizers aren’t near worth the money you spend, so go straight for the meal. Jake got the scallops – and like any other fancy-ish restaurant that serves scallops – he left hungry. I ordered the half-chicken and would order it again… and again.